Advising for 3/2 Program in Exercise Science & Athletic Training

The College of Health Professions offers entry-level graduate clinical education in Athletic Training (AT) that articulates directly with Exercise Science. It consists of three years of study in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) and two years of work in the clinical program. This 3/2 pathway is built upon options in the Motor Behavior emphasis and available only to students accepted to the highly selective AT program.

To utilize this route, all A&S core coursework requirements (with the exception of Capstone), all Athletic Training prerequisites, specified Exercise Science classes, and a minimum of 93 total credits shall be completed by the end of the 3rd academic year. During the fall of the junior year, students may apply to begin clinical studies in the AT program for the 4th academic year. If a student is accepted to the AT program, specific coursework successfully completed according to Athletic Training program standards during the first clinical year will satisfy the remaining requirements for the Exercise Science-Motor Behavior degree. These students are required to deliver a formal public presentation overview of their first year clinical internship experiences to complete the A&S Capstone requirement. If a student is not accepted into the AT program, s/he will have the opportunity to complete the Motor Behavior emphasis during the traditional time-frame with few complications.

The Athletic Training program will begin requiring CHEM 200, General Chemistry and PHY 202 Introductory Physics I for students applying for 2020. 

3:2 Motor Behavior/Athletic Training
EXMB 200 Exercise Science Foundations 2
BIOL 200 or 201 Intro Biology w/ Lab 4
HBIO 230 & 231 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II 8
Statistics: MATH 207 or SOC 301 4
EXMB 205 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries 2
EXIP 281 Nutrition 4
EXIP 345 Biomechanics w/ Lab 4
EXIP 365 Perceptual Motor Learning 4
EXIP 385 Exercise Physiology w/ Lab 4
Complete the following (with one substitution)  
CHEM 220/220L General Chemistry I  
PHY 202 or 204 Intro Physics  

Complete the following (with one substitution)

EXMB 335 Psychosocial Issues in Ex Sci 4
EXMB 366 Human Motor Development 2
HBIO 440 Advanced Anatomy 4
Research Components   
AT 550 Research Methods 2
AT 560 Evidence-Based Practice 2
AT 540 & 541 Clinical Internship I & II 4
Other courses to meet Ex Sci &/or Arts & Sciences Requirements  
AT 510 Physical Agends & Mechanical Modalities 3
AT 531 Prevention & Treatment of Athletic Injury II 2
AT 502 & 503 Eval & Treatment of Orthopedic & Athletic Injury 14