Declaring Your Major at Pacific University

All undergraduate students begin as "Undeclared" at Pacific. Declaring your major means that you fill out a form and submit it to Academic & Career Advising, which confirms you would like to pursue that major.

Once you have earned 45 or more credits you will be required to declare your major no later than the 4th week of the following term. If you are transferring in greater than 45 credits as a new student, we will give you a grace period so that you may become comfortable with your area of study prior to declaring. Students can declare prior to earning 45 credits as well. 

You need a faculty advisor in your major/minor to approve in order to declare. Once you declare, you can switch majors/minors/concentrations so it is not "set in stone." Some minors require approval, others do not. Always consult with an advisor before changing your major and read the directions on the form. 

5 Steps to Declare Your Major

  1. Begin by letting your current advisor know that you are ready to declare. Set up a time to talk about your intentions on your major/career. 
  2. Find an advisor in the major who can best help you (you may switch advisors, as needed).
    • If you are a Psychology major, please speak to the Psychology Department Chair if you do not already have a Psychology advisor. 
  3. Decide which catalog year you will utilize (either the year you started or a later year based on a change of requirements).
  4. Complete the Major Declaration Form and CAREFULLY follow the instructions on the form.
  5. Please email your advisor’s permission to declare (or your new advisor in your major if you’re switching advisors) along with the completed form to before the deadline. 

Declare My Major

What is Catalog Year?

This is either the year you started at Pacific or a later year. Catalog year corresponds to the list of requirements for your major. Please see the current catalog for information about degree requirements by catalog year.

Tips on Deciding and Declaring

  • Talk with a couple of different faculty in your major to see who might be a good fit! You could also speak with the department chair for the major. 
  • Undecided?  Please schedule an appointment with an ACA advisor to discuss this. We can help!  
  • You can see how your requirements fit in different majors! Log on to Boxer Online, click “Program Evaluation," then look at the drop down for a “What If” scenario for your major and catalog year.