Appealing Academic Status

Forest Grove undergraduate policies and procedures for determining academic standing statuses and hearing appeals

Academic standing is reviewed and assigned by the Registrar at the conclusion of each semester. Students who have not met standards for satisfactory academic standing in the immediate preceding semester may be assigned Warning, Probation status, or Suspended for one semester. Financial Aid awarding and athletic eligibility may be affected negatively by a lack of satisfactory academic standing.

Students are expected to make satisfactory academic progress, as defined by:

● A cumulative GPA at Pacific University of at least 2.0

● A GPA of at least 2.0 in the previous semester

Students may submit a petition to appeal their assigned status to the Academic Standards Committee. For assistance in this process, they should contact the Academic and Career Advising Center (ACA) or their academic advisor. Students will have 15 business days to file an appeal after notification of their assigned academic status.

Warning, Probation, and Suspension statuses last one semester.

Submit an Appeal

To be considered by the ASC, the student appeal must include the following:

(a) A completed appeal form with a personal assessment of the reason for poor academic performance.
(b) A proposed academic plan (developed with and signed by a faculty advisor, academic coach, or staff member in Academic and Career Advising Center).

Fill out the Appeal Academic Status (box link, fillable PDF) - and also make an appointment with an advisor to discuss your academic plan.

The academic standards committee will base its appeal decision on the following criteria:

(1) The appeal includes an assessment of poor academic performance that is thoughtful and matches the evidence found in the student's official academic record. 

(2) The proposed academic plan is signed by a faculty advisor, academic coach or staff member in Academic and Career Advising. 

(3) The appeal includes a reasonable and complete explanation for how the proposed academic plan will address previous poor academic performance.


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