Vision, Mission, and Goals | Academic & Career Advising


Academic and career advising is integral to a Pacific University education. We inspire students to connect their experiences to a meaningful future and empower them to actively engage in their academic and career development.


Academic and Career Advising (ACA) at Pacific University:

  • Provides trustworthy, credible, and centralized advising services and resources.
  • Creates a welcoming and caring environment that fosters authentic interactions amongst all stakeholders.
  • Embraces the whole student and provides services that are tailored to each student’s needs.
  • Collaborates with students to expand options in making informed, values-driven decisions along their academic and career journey. 
  • Provides students with the support and resources to envision and articulate connections between academics and career.
  • Advocates for an equity-based learning environment throughout the university.


  1. Clarify internal processes and roles and cross-train within ACA to ensure we are providing clear, consistent, authentic, equitable, and reliable academic and career advising to all students.
  2. Continually evaluate university systems and practices related to academic and career development, and advocate for greater accessibility and equity when gaps are identified.
  3. Maintain individualized professional development plans to enable each advisor to stay on the cutting edge of current academic and career advising practices, including an in-depth knowledge of their assigned specialty area(s).
  4. Through strategic communication and relationship-building with various campus stakeholders, develop/maintain university-wide reputation as an indispensable student resource.
  5. Hold ourselves accountable to enacting our values as being a student-centric Center (here, “student” includes prospective students to alumni) by:
    • Actively engaging students in their academic and career development process
    • Empowering students to self-advocate
    • Advocating for and making decisions based on the best interest of students.
    • Tailoring our services to the unique life situations and developmental stage of our students.
  6. Proactively facilitate connections between students and external partners.
  7. Evaluate workload changes, timeline, and resources needed to implement new FG freshmen and sophomores being initially advised through the Academic and Career Advising Center.