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New Topics and Travel Class Descriptions

Academic & Career Advising collects and posts course descriptions from the faculty who are teaching these Special Topics and New Topics courses. If you can't find the course description you're looking for, you can email the professor of the course. We have a running list of all past courses and their descriptions at the end of this page. 

New Course, Special Topics, and Travel Course Descriptions  

Summer 2022

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Fall 2022

ARTHI-382-01 ST: Images of Power 4 credits MWF 1:00pm-2:05pm
In this course, students will examine how images have power to support or protest a specific ideology or position. In particular, we will explore the power that art has wielded within a variety of contexts, such as political, social, and religious. In a global perspective, the class will cover images from antiquity to modern art in order to understand how power structures utilize art as well as the role art can play to resist those constructions. Using various critical and theoretical models and images of power, the course is an intersection of power, politics, culture, religion, ideology, and aesthetics. Fulfills Sustainability and Analyzing & Interpreting Texts core requirement.

ENGL-220-01/320-01 Mythology & Folklore 4 credits W 6:00pm-9:30pm
A cross-cultural study of ancient Greek, Norse, Chinese and Hawaiian tales and their contemporary retellings, including work by Madeline Miller (Circe and Odysseus), Neil Gaiman (Freya, Thor, and Loki), Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson series/Greek mythology), Jamaica Osorio (Pele Legends: Hawai'i), Maxine Hong Kingston (Monkey King and Mulan: China) and others. Counts towards Analyzing & Interpreting Texts core requirement.

MATH-360-01 ST: Numerical Analysis
Numerical Analysis deals with the development and implementation of computational methods to solve mathematical problems that would otherwise be intractable (or impossible) to solve by analytic means. Numerical analysis has its foundation in sophisticated mathematical theory, but the implementation of numerical methods is highly applied/computational in nature. This course will focus on both theory and applications, but will lean heavily toward the applied/computational side. The course topics are expected to include (but are not limited to) several of the following: Taylor polynomials, root finding methods, interpolation, numerical integration, elementary numerical linear algebra and numerical methods for solving differential equations. Note: The prerequisite for Math 360 is Math 240 - Discrete Mathematics (with a minimum grade of C), but for this Fall's offering students who have passed either Math 240 OR Math 227 - Calculus II (with a minimum grade of C) will be allowed to enroll.

Spring 2023

PHIL/HUM-355-01 NT: Reimagining the Humanities
In this course, we think through the idea of "Western" versus "Non-Western."  We will problematize the concept of "Western Civilization" through explorations of the Islamic philosophical traditions that made the Renaissance possible.  We will explore dimensions of the West's non-Western roots in Egypt and Syria.  We will engage medieval images of Plato and Aristotle in Afghan, Iranian, and Indian painting and poetry.  And we will track some of the non-Western contemporary creative appropriations of Western literary forms such as the recent Hamlet in Kashmir, Love's Labor's Lost in Kabul, and Richard III in Kuwait.  The course would be of interest to anyone wanting more experience with philosophy, history, literature, or art.  It will be a discussion and reading-based class with weekly reading assignments and short essays instead of midterms or exams.  Students will work regularly in groups.  The course meets Historical Context and International and Diverse Perspectives core requirements.

Travel Classes - Short-term Study Abroad

International Programs has the list of upcoming travel classes (short-term study abroad). 

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