Member Roster

The IRB is currently comprised of 17 full members with vote and two ex officio members without vote. At least one full member is not affiliated with the university in any other capacity. The remaining full members represent the four constituent college faculties of the university (Arts and Sciences, Education, Health Professions, and Optometry), and the University Library. Full members are elected to staggered terms of three years, with the allowance for multiple terms. Ex officio members are the Manager of Research Compliance and the Liaison to Pacific University, typically the Vice Provost for Research.

Occasionally, the IRB may invite individuals with competence in special areas to assist in the review of issues which require expertise beyond, or in addition to, that available on the IRB. However, these individuals may not vote with the IRB.

Leonardo Bobadilla, PhD
Faculty - Graduate Psychology, Behavioral Scientist
David Brown, PhD
Co-Chair, Faculty - Audiology, Biomedical Scientist
Bryan Cichy-Parker, PhD
Faculty - Education, Behavioral Scientist
Katie Dolphin, PhD
Faculty - Exercise Science, Biomedical Scientist
Sam Hadley
Community Member and Prisoner Advocate, Non-Scientist
John Hayes, PhD
Faculty - Optometry, Biomedical Scientist
Matthew Hunsinger, PhD
Faculty - Graduate Psychology, Behavioral Scientist
Angela Lee
Faculty - Library
Paul Michael, PhD
Faculty - Graduate Psychology, Behavioral Scientist
Robert Nee, Pt, PhD
Faculty - Physical Therapy, Biomedical Scientist
Phil Schot, PhD
Chair, Faculty - Exercise Science, Biomedical Scientist
Todd Schultz, PhD
Faculty - Psychology, Behavioral Scientist
AJ Sommers, PhD
Faculty - Physician Assistant, Biomedical Scientist
Kristen Thomas, RDH, BSDH
Faculty - Dental Health Science, Biomedical Scientist
Matthew Town, PhD
Faculty - Public Health, Behavioral Scientist
Ann Barr-Gillespie, PhD, DPT
Vice Provost for Research, IO Designee
Ex-officio member
Breanna Hugon, MA
Research Integrity and Compliance Officer
Ex-officio member