Scholarly Expertise

One of the missions of the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects is to support faculty scholarly development. To this end, OSSP has several support programs in place.

Mentor Program | OSSP will arrange for you to be paired with a research mentor, based on your needs and goals, who will share their expertise and experience in assisting you in your scholarly career. If you're interested in mentoring other faculty or would like to connect with a mentor, please contact OSSP.

Experts Directory Our Experts Directory can connect you with specialists (for example, project evaluators,  or statisticians) to inform your grant application, join your project team, assist in analyzing or visualizing data, editing manuscripts, or in dissemination of findings. 

Interprofessional Collaboration | In order to provide faculty with the richest resources possible, we  encourage interprofessional and interdisciplinary work at every opportunity.  Contact OSSP for information on opportunities to share and collaborate with colleagues with similar research interests.