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Why We Help | Pacific Boxers embrace their communities, from fighting fires to fighting houselessness.

Pacific Aims to Stop Community Spread | Life has changed at Pacific University in the shadow of the pandemic.

Pacific Donors Make Big Impacts | From funding new facilities to launching scholarships, donors make a tremendous difference in students' lives.



Winter 2020 | Vol. 53 No. 2
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Joshua Pearl

Joshua Pearl' 19 learned about the therapeutics of music in the hardest possible way: He was afflicted with an autoimmune disease that caused him severe pain. He turned to the piano as a form of treatment, and it helped lessen the need for painkillers he had been prescribed. Recognizing that music could do for others what it did for him, Pearl became a music therapist.

Dijan Ihas

From playing in Sarajevo as bombs fell to conducting in Forest Grove, Dijana Ihas's journey as a musician has been remarkable.

Things were different at Pacific University in 2020, the year of COVID-19.