Educational Clubs


President | Emma Agger,
VP |  Jake Gillingham,
Adviser | Jessica Hardin ,

Art Club

President | Sabrina Spurlock,
VP |  Dylan Wacker,
Adviser | Terry O'Day,

ASL Club

President | Devon Medina,
VP | Rowan Rankin ,
Adviser | Fredrick Stamps,

Biology Club

President | Hannah Ramsey,
VP | Noah Askew,
Adviser | Jon Schnorr,

Business Club

The business club is open to all students as we hope to help students find internships and jobs as well as guide professional development.

President | Kiara McGinns,
VP | Fernando Lira ,
Adviser | Wanda Frazier,

Chemistry Club

Co-Presidents | Tia Uehara,
Stacie Skoromnaya ,
VP | Ginny Huan ,
Adviser | Julie Layshock,

Criminal Justice Club

President | Jenna Richards,
VP | Kelsie Cruz,
Adviser | Taryn Vanderpyl,

English Club

President | Sophie Backus,
VP | Sienna Brown,
Adviser | Elizabeth Tavares,
               Alexander Bove,

Exercise Science Club

President | Kira Negrete,
VP | Serena Wallace,
Adviser | Rebecca Concepcion,

HOPE Service Club

President | Yolanda Bouffard,

First Gen Student Success Association (FGSSA)

FGSSA aims to enhance the academic, social, and professional skills for students who are the first in their family to attend college.

President | Jessica Monje-Perez,  
Adviser | Mike Shingle,

International Studies

President | Mari Leslie,
VP | Christiana Warner,
Adviser | Jann Purdy,

Mathematics Club

President | Clio Skevington,
VP | Aubrey Kimmel,
Adviser | Nancy Neudauer,

Music Club

President | Kaitlin Gilbert,
VP | Charlie Kerns,
Adviser | Dijana Ihas,

Music Therapy Club

Presidents | Natalie Hinds,
VP | Page Davidson,
Adviser | Christine Korb,

Philosophy Club

Presidents | Cassie Finley ,
Adviser | 

Physics/Astronomy Club

President | Eric Levally,
Adviser | Todd Duncan,

Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) Club

The Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders (Pre-CSD) Club was formed at Pacific University for students interested in the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology.

President | Elise Dixon,
Adviser |

Pre-Med Club

Presidents |Leigh Duncalf ,
VP | Carolyn Ngo,​​​​
Adviser | Jeannine Chan,

Pre-Occupational Therapy Club

President | Taylor Pazcoguin,
Adviser | Tim Thompson,

Pre-Optometry Club

Presidents | Kristine Ly,
Adviser | Lisa Sardinia,

Pre-Pharmacy Club

Presidents |Kaydee Ramos,
VP | Olivia Luu,
Adviser | Jeannine Chan,

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

Co-Presidents | Jason Lau,
                         Brock Nakachi,
Adviser | Mike Bridges,

Pre-PA Club

Presidents | Vi Nguyen,
                    Jessica Knoll,
Adviser | Saje Davis-Risen,

Public Health Club

President | Autumn Mann,
VP | Garrett Wedge,
Adviser | Rebecca Schoon,

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club is open to all students at Pacific University, regardless of major!

President | Daniel Altamirano ,
VP | Chascity Sarmiento ,
Adviser | Don Schweitzer,

Women in Computer Science

President | Hannah Newby-Smith,
VP | Sarah Amano,
Adviser | Shreen Khoja,