Educational Clubs

American Marketing Association (AMA) Group

The AMA group offers the opportunity to develop your marketing skills through workshops, networking, case competitions, and community outreach. 

President | Luke Parrish
VP | Cat Alvarado,

Art Club

President | Helena Guerrero Sullivan,
Secretary | Luciana Linares,
Advisor | Terry O'Day,

ASL Club

President | Isabel Lawson,
VP | Julia Neuder,
Advisor | Fredrick Stamps,

Biology Club

President | Hannah Ramsey,
VP | Noah Askew,
Advisor | Jon Schnorr,

Business Club

The Business Club is open to all students as we hope to help students find internships and jobs as well as guide professional development.

President | Cat Alvarado,

Chemistry Club

Presidents | Moises Gonzalez,
Advisor | Julie Layshock,

Criminal Justice Club

President | Jade Cain,
Advisor | Aimee Wodda,

English Club

President | Em Nelson,
Advisor | Alexander Bove,

First Gen Student Success Association (FGSSA)

FGSSA aims to enhance the academic, social, and professional skills for students who are the first in their family to attend college.

President | Janet Silva,
Advisor | Mike Shingle,

Kinesiology Club

President | Kimberly Garcia,
Advisor | Brain Jackson,

Mathematics Club

President | Kara Putman,
Advisor | Nancy Neudauer,

Music Club

President | Charlie Kerns,
Advisor | Dijana Ihas,

Music Therapy Club

President | Kira Dolan,
Advisor | Brea Murakami,

Philosophy Club

President | Isabel Chapman,
Advisor | Ian O'Loughlin,

Poetry Club

President | Elizabeth Swetland,
Advisor | Darlene Pagan,

Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) Club

The Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders (Pre-CSD) Club was formed at Pacific University for students interested in the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology.

President | Sierra Buyserie,
Advisor | Dr. Amanda Stead,

Pre-Med Club

President | Bailee Taeza,
Advisor | Paige Baugher,

Pre-Occupational Therapy Club

President | Taylor Pazcoguin,
Advisor | Tim Thompson,

Pre-Optometry Club

Presidents | Emily Edwards,
Advisor | Lisa Sardinia,

Pre-PA Club

Presidents | Leah Maddela,, Shea Watanabe,
Advisor | Brent Norris,

Pre-Pharmacy Club

President | Abby Tescher,
VP | Mckenna Gruba,
Advisor | Jeannine Chan,

Pre-Physical Therapy Club

President | Kiana Coffin,
Advisor | Erin Bompiani,

Public Health Club

President | Autumn Mann,
Advisor | Rebecca Schoon,

PUMA (Pacific University Media Arts)

Abby Weinman,
Cassidy Inman,
Advisor | Jennifer Hardacker,

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club is open to all students at Pacific University, regardless of major!

President | Ashleigh Johnson,
Advisor | Don Schweitzer,

The Teacher's Alliance

President | Lexzi Caso,
Advisor | Cristy Sellers,

Women in Computer Science

President | Audrey Lincoln
Advisor | Shreen Khoja,