Sports and Recreational Clubs

Board Game Club

President | Jeremy Likens,
Adviser | Shereen Khoja,

Cooking Club

President | Stephanie Spencer,
Adviser |Bernice Koelbl,

Hip Hop Club

President | Alexander Bull,
Advisers | Adam Rafalovich,
                 Warren Dunn,

Pacific Parkour Club

President | Tyler Florentin,
Adviser | Jennifer Bhalla,

Pacific Speech & Debate (Forensics)

Pacific Speech & Debate (Forensics) is a team of highly-competitive students from across many disciplines. The team competes in tournaments around the country, as well as an annual international tournament, to showcase their skills in platform and interpretative speaking events, as well as debate.

Student Representative | Courtney Welch,
Adviser | Daniel Broyles,

Rock Climbing

President | Bryce Fowler,
Adviser | Paige Baugher,

Social Dance Club

President | Felicity Dyall,
Adviser | Rachel Merrick,

Ultimate Frisbee Club

President | Katy Snyder,
Adviser | Joel Gohdes,

Unified Sports

President | Jocelyn Yee,
Adviser | Justin McRoberts,

Women's Rugby

President | Brooke Roth,
Adviser | Jennifer Bhalla,