Learning Outcomes | Communication

After Pacific | Students who study communication can apply their skills and knowledge in any career as a solid understanding of good communication has never been more important. Graduates excel in the fields of business, public relations, media and more.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students demonstrate interpersonal, group, and public communication competencies
  • Students illustrate critical writing, research, and analysis skills
  • Students apply theoretical frameworks to media
  • Students exhibit media literacy
  • Students model conscientiousness about media’s impact and demonstrate the ethical use, creation, and dissemination of media in its various forms

Program Purpose

The communications minor at Pacific University is an interdisciplinary course of study that helps students build an understanding of the integral connection between communication and the human experience. The need for such contextualized understanding has never been more important, given the technological innovations rapidly expanding our global communities. In this minor, students will study identity and culture, public presentations, and forms of mass media.