The economics program at Pacific University leads students to explore society’s management of scarce labor, land, buildings, equipment and other resources to produce goods and services. Many issues in news headlines and personal decisions involve economic questions. The study of economics leads to a better understanding of the world in which we live and a greater ability to make decisions.


  • Enjoy small classes that encourage active participation
  • Develop logical problem-solving skills
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Present ideas in compelling writing and speech
  • Participate in a student club that tours area businesses and attends presentations by eminent economists
  • Study abroad for a semester or entire year


The economics major includes courses from accounting, precalculus and statistics, as well as numerous economics courses, including the Economics of Social Issues and the Economics of Markets and Governments.

Internships in an off-campus environment are available to advanced economics majors who seek work experience and related skills. In addition, the Student Economics Club visits local area businesses and attends presentations by noted economists. In the past, the club has visited Cascadia Steel, the Blitz Weinhard Brewery, Widmer Brewery, food processing plants and the state forests.


Students who complete an economics major or minor at Pacific University develop critical thinking and strong analytical skills. They build the ability to find and understand information relevant to questions under consideration. They also learn effective writing and presentation skills. Our graduates go on to further study in economics, international and public affairs, and business, and they work as insurance regulators, staff accountants, certified public accountants, and in business and government posts.