Film Studies

The film studies minor at Pacific University is for students who love watching movies and want to develop a deeper understanding about the connections that films have to a greater awareness of national cultures and ideologies. Students are exposed to a wide variety of national cinemas, film genres and theories as they prepare for graduate work in film studies, social sciences, humanities, arts, or to enhance their understanding of this element of communication and culture.


  • Complete an intensive year-long, self-designed senior capstone project in your area of emphasis
  • Integrate film courses offered in media arts, English, political science, world languages and other academic areas
  • Study the cinema as an important part of how culture is expressed
  • Explore national cinemas as a way to broaden your world view


Internships with local media and communications outlets also are a key component of study. Examples include KATU-TV in Portland, Portland independent filmmakers, a National Guard newspaper and Voltage Pictures in Hollywood, producers of the academy award-winning film "The Hurt Locker." This broad-based approach allows graduates to gravitate to a variety of fields from television and newspapers to web design and marketing.

Department of Media Arts

The Department of Media Arts also offers programs in media arts, film and videointegrated media and journalism, as well as minors in communication and communication design.