Group Counseling

The Student Counseling Center offers group counseling. Group counseling provides a safe environment for self-exploration and collaborative problem-solving, combining professional guidance and the support of your peers. Group counseling is an effective approach to many common concerns for college students, including: navigating difficult relationships, coping with anxiety, and feelings of isolation. Please contact the Student Counseling Center by phone or email to register for a group. 

Skill-Based Groups

Skill-based groups are usually in a structure-based format because there is a specific theme or topic of discussion, and each group session is focused on a topic relevant to the overall theme. There is often a lesson or learning component, skills practice, and self-reflection. Our skill-based groups are offered as a 3-session series several times each semester. Requires pre-registration; contact information below.

Mindful Coping Group | This 3-session group focuses on using mindfulness exercises to enhance flexibility and develop insights about how you respond to distress. In-session writing reflections help you to get a better sense of your personal values and how you want to focus your energy in life. Now available online as pre-recorded videos; follow along in the downloadable Student WorkbookStart with a brief Overview of the Mindful Coping Practice Series and then view each 20-30 minute session: Session One, Session Two, and Session Three

Wise Mind: Building Emotional Resiliency | A 3-session skill-based group that is designed to help you make a change in your life by learning mindfulness techniques and distress tolerance skills to manage difficult emotions and thoughts. Our hope is that these three sessions could provide you with a springboard from which to integrate skills into your daily life to build emotional resiliency.

Process Group

This group focuses on personal exploration and is currently offered only in Forest Grove. The group is unstructured and there is not a specific topic or plan for each group session. Members are encouraged to provide one another support and feedback, and to gain awareness of their own reactions to one another to develop greater relationship satisfaction. Counseling groups begin within the first four weeks of the semester and continue for the semester with 4-8 student participants. Process groups require an in-person pre-group consultation with the group facilitator(s); contact information below. 

Understanding Self and Others | For people who are interested in increasing authenticity and satisfaction in relationships.        



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