Moving Out

If you are changing rooms, leaving mid-semester, or moving out at the end of the term, you must first be approved in writing by Campus Living. Once approved, you must report your check-out time to your RA within 24 hours of your departure, or as directed. Additionally, staff will not check you out of your space if you have not been approved by the Housing Office to vacate. Questions? Email

When a student moves out, they must remove all personal belongings by their move-out deadline. The room must be cleaned and all keys returned to the designated key return location in order for the approved move-out to be considered complete. Residents will be charged for housing and dining until they have completed the entire move out process, and may be charged additional fees if they do not comply with move-out deadlines and procedures.

Most students move out at the end of the spring semester, but some move out early due to reasons like a room change, leave of absence, or graduating early. Students who are approved to end their contract early by Campus Living may be prorated a portion of the term of housing and meal plan, depending on their departure date. Students will not be prorated if their exit occurs within two weeks before the last day of fall or spring semester classes. Students who are not approved for an early move out will not have charges prorated.

All Residence Halls close at 12:00 PM Wednesday, May 15, 2024. All residents are required to vacate and check out of their rooms by this time, unless they have received a late stay approval from Campus Living. In general, students are encouraged to vacate their spaces within 24 hours of their last finals. Students are expected to report their move-out plans via an online form by May 1, 2024 (this will be emailed to residents in April). Additional move-out procedures and expectations will be advertised during high-volume move-out times, such as in May.

Check out steps

  1. Pick up an Key Envelope from your RA or front desk at least 24 hours in advance of your departure
  2. Pack up and clean your unit before turning in your Key Envelope
  3. When you are ready to leave, fill out the form on the envelope, place your room key(s) inside (mail keys must not be placed in this envelope; they should go directly to Mail Services), and turn the envelope in to your building's key drop box, usually located at or near the front desk
  4. Depart
  5. Check your email for any notifications regarding possible charges related to damages, cleaning or improper-check-out


  • Remove all of your belongings. Remaining personal items will be considered abandoned and will be donated or disposed of. 
  • Students pay for keys not returned, the cost of extra custodial service to remove personal belongings or to clean the room, and to repair any damages to the facilities or provided amenities. 

  • All rooms are inspected after the resident vacates the room and this inspection may result in damage charges, regardless of whether the resident is present at the time of inspection. Do not try to repair any damages to your room. This could result in further repair costs.

  • Follow directions from your RA, AC and the Residence Hall Handbook. Any of the following actions shall constitute an Improper Check-Out (subject to a fine).

Storage options for if you move out to study abroad in spring

If you are studying abroad for spring semester and need a place to store some items, you have one of two options:

1. Store your items in McCormick Hall (1st floor) until the following May and no longer
2. Store your items in Burlingham Hall (4th floor) until the following August and no longer

For either storing option, you can to contact the RA's on-call between 7pm and 9pm to check your items into storage.

You may ONLY store one box and one fridge, or two boxes (size guidelines can be found in the Residence Hall Handbook.) Storage space is limited and is offered on a first come, first served basis.

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