Moving In

August 22, 2024 is Move-In Day!

Official housing move-in occurs August 22, 9 am - 12 pm. Start by getting your key at the Marsh Lawn Orientation tent before going to your hall. This move-in day is required for new first-year students and new transfer students and optional for returning and professional students. August 22 also marks the beginning of New Student Orientation!

Additional Move-In's

Required Early Move-Ins  | August 13-18

Pre-approved, required early housing move-in’s for athletics or other approved student activities. If this applies to you, your supervisor, coach, or advisor will share your move-in details with you.

Optional Early Move-Ins  | August 19-24

During select times (typically 6-7 pm daily), students may opt to arrive early without needing pre-approval. Additionally, some programs may require students to arrive during these times and will notify students if this is the case.

Pre-Arrival Information

Mark your calendar with your specific move-in day. Remember, most students move in on August 22, but you may be required to come early for a fall sport. If you're not required to move in early, we will not be able to accommodate you prior to August 19. We encourage you to see this page for local hotels.

Check out our What to Bring and What Not to Bring lists as you pack. Tip: bring the essentials but wait on decor and organization supplies until you see your specific room so you know what you really want.

On Your Move-In Day

Each student may bring guests/helpers along during move-in. If you have a family pet, please leave your furry friend at home, as they are not permitted in the halls. 

Keys | Most check-in's occur on the Marsh West Lawn, including on August 22; this is where you'll get your keys and any other materials before you go to your residence hall.

During most check-in's, Resident Assistants will greet you at your residence hall, show you to your room to test your key, and let you know the easiest path for moving your belongings to your room.

Parking | Temporary parking will be available on a limited basis near each hall; cars must be unloaded quickly and moved longer-term parking lots to make room for other vehicles. There are limited hand carts available in and near the halls on a first-come, first-served basis; we recommend bringing your own moving cart or wagon. If you plan to park a vehicle on campus during the year, please visit Parking in Forest Grove to purchase your permit.

Fill Out Room Condition Report (RCR) | You will get a link to your RCR form upon move-in. Your RCR records what your room is like before you settle in. We will compare your RCR against the condition of your room after you move out to determine any changes that you may be responsible for.  Complete your RCR the day you move in before putting your belongings away. This will give you the best opportunity to see the pre-existing condition of spaces like your floor, closets, walls, and mattress before they get covered up. If you do not complete the RCR within 5 days, you may be subject to a $50 improper check-in fee and waive your right to appeal any charges assessed when you move out.

Checking In Outside of Designated Times It is essential that you arrive during the established check-in timeframes. If you miss the designated check-in times, staff members may not be available to assist you until another open time block is available; see posted signage or the Resident Assistant on-call to see if they are available to check you in. Arriving outside of the check-in time may result in a $50 improper check-in fee. North RA On-Call (Burlingham, Gilbert and Vandervelden): 971-275-2028; South RA On-Call (Cascade, McCormick, and Walter): 971-275-2027.

Storage | Did you store items on campus last spring?  Staff will be available on Burlingham Hall 4th floor, outside the summer storage room, during the designated dates/times listed below. Students are unable to retrieve items outside of these designated dates/times.

  • Times to be announced for August 2024

Meal Plans | Meal plans begin on Friday, August 23. If you are choosing to arrive early, you are responsible for your own meals. If you are required to arrive early, your department or sports team may provide some of your meals. Check with them for details.

Planning Further Ahead

Check out our Campus Living Calendar when booking your travel at breaks and at the end of the year.