Bachelor of Music Education + Teaching License


Embark on your career to teach music through Pacific University's Bachelor of Music Education (BME) + teaching license degree program.

Pacific University’s Bachelor of Music Education + teaching license program is designed for students whose professional goal is teaching music in Pre-K-12 educational settings and those who aspire to make a difference in students’ lives through sharing their passion for music. Earning a professional degree within a liberal arts context provides students with knowledge, skills, and competencies inherent to the music teaching profession, while at the same time allowing them to grow into well-rounded citizens through the rich, liberal arts based curriculum.

Scholarships are available to music and non-music majors who participate in music ensembles.

Teaching Licensure in Four Years

Designed to prepare music educators in all areas of specializations, Pacific's Bachelor of Music Education program prepares students to successfully gain an Oregon Preliminary Teaching License

Music Teaching Experience

The BME program provides undergraduate students with paid teaching positions from day one. This is a unique opportunity to practice teaching skills under the close supervision of highly educated and experienced faculty, while working with school-aged students (K-12) within our nationally recognized after-school Music Education Project


Pacific University’s Department of Music faculty is among the most active professionals at state, regional, national, and international levels. This provides students with on-going opportunities to attend, present, and perform at state, regional, and national conferences, and this provides students with a wide-range of networking opportunities.


Pacific students singing in choir

A new memorial scholarship will provide financial support to continuing undergraduates and graduate students who are studying to become choral music educators.

Elijah Pine

Elijah Pine ’21 was named a Pacific University Outstanding Senior in Music Education.


Jackie Marchioro ’21 has been named a Pacific University Outstanding Senior in Music Education, as well as Outstanding Vocalist.

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