Teach Music


Share music with others by starting your pathway to teaching while expanding your own skills.

The knowledge and skills Pacific University Music Education students gain are embedded within the context of a liberal arts education, preparing them to be well-rounded music teachers with a global vision. Choose a music education degree option that best fits you and your career goals.

Music Education Degree Pathways

Pacific University offers two different pathways for music education licensure.

All states require teachers to have a valid teaching license if they are to teach music in Pre-K-12 music education settings.

A Career as a Music Educator

Both music education programs are designed to prepare students for a career in music education. In the United States, the demand for qualified music teachers is unfulfilled.

Our graduates are music teachers in private and public schools, choir and church music directors, Fulbright Scholars, graduate students and professional musicians.


Pacific students singing in choir

A new memorial scholarship will provide financial support to continuing undergraduates and graduate students who are studying to become choral music educators.

Elijah Pine

Elijah Pine ’21 was named a Pacific University Outstanding Senior in Music Education.


Jackie Marchioro ’21 has been named a Pacific University Outstanding Senior in Music Education, as well as Outstanding Vocalist.

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