Bachelor of Arts in Music Education


Become a well-rounded music education major through Pacific University's Bachelor of Arts in Music Education Degree.

Pacific University’s BA in music education degree is designed for students who are interested in earning an undergraduate music education degree within a liberal arts context that does not necessarily lead them to a teaching license or full-time teaching professional engagements. The program design also allows students to pursue double degrees in other disciplines.

Prepare for Graduate-Level Licensure Programs

In just five years, some students earn both their BA and an MAT before gaining employment as a music teacher. The BA in Music Education program does not led directly to licensure, instead it prepares students to pursue a teaching license through graduate programs.

Students can continue in the College of Education’s Master of Arts in Teaching program or through other programs to earn their teaching license.

Students seeking licensure at an undergraduate level can alternatively pursue a Bachelor in Music Education.


Pacific University’s Department of Music faculty is among the most active professionals at state, regional, national, and international levels. This provides students with on-going opportunities to attend, present, and perform at state, regional, and national conferences.


Dijan Ihas

From playing in Sarajevo as bombs fell to conducting in Forest Grove, Dijana Ihas's journey as a musician has been remarkable.

Dijana Ihas playing viola

Dijana Ihas, an associate professor in the Pacific University Music Department, was honored as Oregon Music Educator of the Year by the Oregon Music Education Association at its annual meeting in January. 

Music in May

More than 400 high school student musicians will descend on the university's Forest Grove Campus for three days of rehearsals and lessons.

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