45 CFR 46: Protection of Human Subjects (HHS)

45 CFR 46

A Handbook to Freedom of Expression at Pacific University

We are committed to free and open inquiry in matters concerning the advancement of knowledge. In order to carry out our mission, we encourage all community members to speak, write, listen, challenge, and learn through a full, open, and civil discussion of ideas. Freedom of expression is vital to our shared pursuit of knowledge.

This document covers academic freedom; civility within the university and classroom; equity, diversity and inclusion; the student code of conduct; the students' academic rights and responsibilities; employee code of conduct; equal opportunity; and, the Pacific University core values.  

This document was endorsed by the Pacific University President's Cabinet December 1, 2018. 

Dec. 1, 2018

Academic Misconduct Policies and Procedures | CAS

College of Arts & Sciences Academic Misconduct Policies and Procedures, including Misconduct Report.

Dec. 11, 2014

Acceptable Class Times

Aug. 6, 2014

Account and Email Address Policy | UIS

Describes the types of automatically created and sponsored accounts and email addresses.

See Account and Email Address Policy in the Helpdesk Knowledgebase.

Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information Policy


The purpose of this policy is to describe patients’ rights to request an accounting of disclosures of their protected health information.

One of the rights granted to patients under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is the right of the patient to request and receive an accounting of the disclosures of the patient’s PHI. The patient’s right to request and receive an Accounting of Disclosures is described within the Notice of Privacy Practices. This policy describes how Pacific University must to be able to provide the patient with an accurate Accounting of Disclosures.

The scope of this policy is all workforce members of Pacific University’s health care component. Pacific University is a hybrid entity. Only the health care component (i.e., the covered functions) of Pacific University must comply with this policy. All references in this policy to “Pacific University” shall be construed to refer only to the health care component of Pacific University.

PUNet ID Required to review

Form - Request for Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information

Nov. 1, 2017

Administrative Organizational Chart

Administrative Structure 2016 | CAS

This document describes the College of Arts & Sciences administrative structure and policies. The college faculty may recommend alterations to its administrative structure by vote of a majority of faculty members eligible to vote at Faculty Meeting. Major changes require approval by the Provost and the President. All votes described below are by the college’s full-time faculty.

Aug. 16, 2016

All-Campus Email Policy

Aug. 1, 2015

Allegiance | Coverage of Lactation Equipment

In 2011, the IRS determined that breast pumps and supplies that assist with lactation are eligible for reimbursement through medical flex spending accounts.

Jun. 1, 2016

Allegiance | Dependent Care Flex Spending Claim Form

Make a claim for reimbursement form your Allegiance Flex Advantage dependent care flexible spending account.

Jun. 27, 2016

Allegiance | Flex Medical/Daycare Enrollment Form

Enroll in a flexible spending account for eligible medical or dependent care expenses. Enrollment is available during Pacific University's spring open enrollment period or at the time of a qualifying life event.

Jun. 1, 2016

Allegiance | Flex Spending Carryover

Since 2014, the IRS has allowed some carryover of unused portions of employees' flexible spending plans, summarized here.

Jun. 1, 2016

Allegiance | Flex Transportation/Parking Enrollment Form

Pacific University employees who pay for mass transportation and/or public parking in order to attend work may take advantage of flexible spending accounts for eligible expenses. Enroll with this form.

Jun. 1, 2016

Allegiance | Flexible Spending Direct Deposit Enrollment

Complete this form to enroll in direct deposit for your flexible spending account reimbursements through Allegiance Flex Advantage.

Jun. 27, 2016

Allegiance | Flexible Spending Mid-Year Change Form

Update your flexible spending account plans with Allegiance Flex Advantage mid-year with a qualified life event.

Jun. 27, 2016

Allegiance | Medical Flex Spending Claim Form

Make a claim for reimbursement of a medical expense through your Allegiance Flex Advantage medical care flexible spending plan.

Jun. 27, 2016

Allegiance | Mid-Year Change Guide

Employees may make changes to their flexible spending account elections during the annual spring open enrollment period or at the time of a qualifying life event. This document outlines qualifying events for mid-year changes.

Jun. 1, 2016

Allegiance | Parking Flex Spending Claim Form

Make a claim for reimbursement of parking expenses through your Allegiance Flex Advantage parking flexible spending account plan.

Jun. 27, 2016

Animal Control Policy

POL - U1024

Pacific University campus animal policies shall be in conformity with state, county, and city ordinances and regulations. In conformity with Oregon Health regulations relative to food services, no animals are allowed in the University Center.

The President, or her/his designee, shall duly assign administrative responsibility to implement these policies. Violations of this animal policy may result in calling the appropriate authority requesting removal of the animal.

See other applicable Pet/Animal Policies: Service and Companion Animal Policy

Jun. 1, 2018