2024-2025 Staff Senate Members

Senators are elected by a peer vote to represent staff at large and serve a two-year term.

Staff Executive Council

Natona Derleth (2023-25)

Natona joined the Pacific family in July of 2018, after getting her MA in Student Affairs Administration and working as a Resident Director, in New York, from 2013-2018. Currently, she works in Campus Living as an Area Coordinator and supervises three residential living communities (Cascade Hall, Gilbert Hall, and Vandervelden Court). When not working, Natona enjoys board games, reading, listening to music/podcasts, bike riding, bird watching, and pickleball.

Megan Rice (2024-26)
Megan is in her 13th year at Pacific and during this time she has played many roles on campus. She began my time at Pacific serving as an Area Coordinator with the primary responsibility of supervising Resident Assistants. She also had a variety of other roles, such as, serving as a Staff Senator, being a member of the health and safety committee, organizing the all-staff conference, performing many roles within the Title IX process, and advising student organizations. More recently, she has taken on chairing our University Judicial Oversight committee, serving as a review process trainer and consultant for various academic programs, collaborating with others as a member of the substance use working group, and serving as a core member of the Orientation Steering committee with my primary responsibility being the hiring and training Orientation student staff. Over the years, she has valued the connections and collaboration experienced with various units and departments across campus. If elected to be a Staff Senate representative, she aims to utilize her knowledge of various areas of campus to help represent the needs and voices of a wide array of staff.


Rebekah Ratzlaff (2024-26)
Rebekah has been a member of the Pacific community for over 20 years and began her full-time employment at the College of Health Professions in 2020. Working alongside other staff, students, and faculty as well as volunteering in various roles over the years (e.g., Center for Gender Equity Board Member, applicant interviewer, COVID Monitoring and Support Team, vaccine clinic non-medical staff, free clinic staff) she expanded her awareness of the culture and community here. Rebekah is passionate about sustainable practices and building community. Outside of work, Rebekah enjoys professional development, time with family, international travel, rockhounding, and playing tabletop games with friends.

Kylie Thompson (2023-25)

Kylie has been a member of the Pacific University community for a number of years.  She started out in University Advancement from 2004 – 2007, took some time away to raise her two boys and returned to the Alumni Office in 2014.  She enjoys supporting students on their educational journey and engaging with alumni as they find ways to stay connected to their alma mater. 
Kylie is also a current student working on finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. When not at work, Kylie can be found studying, spending time with her two kids, on the water stand-up paddle boarding or hiking.  

Peter Morgan (2023-25)
Peter has been with Pacific for eight years and works in UIS supporting the enterprise data systems. He served as a Staff Senator and Governance Chair from 2014-2018 and is excited to serve again. He also serves on the Health & Safety Advisory Committee, including one year as chair. Outside of work he enjoys golf, cornhole, traveling, ham radio, personal preparedness, learning about a low carb/high fat diet, and listening to symphonic metal music.


Staff Senators

Scott Albritton (2023-25)
Scott joined Pacific University as the Coordinator of the Berglund Center's Boxer Makerspace in the spring of 2021. In previous lives, he has run Makerspaces, community coworking spaces, and helped companies develop/produce products. Even further back, he led the Ed-Tech efforts of Purdue's Krannert School of Management. All of these experiences have shown him ways that technical tools can be a core part of helping organizations of any size build a welcoming, secure sense of community. Now, Scott seeks to put his optimistic outlook and varied experiences to work helping the staff of Pacific University make it an even stronger institution and more magical place to share our time together.

Lisa Christensen (2023-25)
Lisa (she/her) began her journey at Pacific University in 2015 as the Office Coordinator for the Office of Financial Aid. Lisa has since moved to the position of Financial Aid Counselor, and helps our graduate students navigate the confusing financial aid process. Since starting at Pacific University, Lisa has served on the Welcoming Committee, Caring Committee, and Idea Committee. The Halloween event is definitely her favorite event that she has helped with. Lisa is looking forward to getting out of her silo, and meeting some folks from different departments. Outside of work she enjoys reading, playing pickleball, and spending time with her husband and three children.

Kelsey Delanoy (2024-26)
Kelsey has been at Pacific for 5 years, starting in August 2019 in the Student Accounts office and transferred to Human Resources in November 2022. She has loved both roles she has been in.  She served as Staff Senate Chair-Elect in 2021 and Chair in 2022. Kelsey joined Staff Senate again as it provides a great opportunity to get to know more Pacific University colleagues. It is a great way to make more connections and collaborate with different offices and campuses. In her time outside of work, Kelsey enjoys hiking and going to the beach, specifically locations around Tillamook, OR, her hometown. 

Kaitlyn Guild (2023-25)
Kaitlyn graduated from Pacific in 2008 and is now serving on Staff Senate for a second time. She works in the Registrar’s Office and gets to work with a large group of staff, students, and faculty members from across all campuses. She also serves on the Commencement Committee and College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee. Outside of work, Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with her husband, cross-stitching, trying out new recipes and attending Portland Thorns games. 

Alma Heredia (2023-25)
Alma Heredia had the pleasure of joining Pacific University in 2018 as the Student Services Coordinator for the Dental Hygiene program. I am a firm believer that nothing is too difficult to achieve when you work hard enough. It is with this same conviction that I look forward to taking on any challenges that come my way.

Elizabeth Jerabek (2024-26)
Elizabeth looks after Pacific University's email and social media marketing, website content creation, search engine optimization, and paid digital advertising. Before joining Pacific in 2022, she worked with small businesses, non-profit associations, and publicly-traded companies in New York and Hong Kong. From her experience living abroad, she believes deeply in the value of multiple perspectives and a diversity of experiences and opinions. She is grateful to be part of the Pacific community and is interested in serving on the Staff Senate as a way of giving back and investing in that community.

Andrea Lybarger (2024-26)
Andrea has worked at Pacific University in the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions since 2011. While at Pacific, she has worked with applicants for various graduate programs and is currently the admissions contact for the School of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being outdoors in nature with her dogs, working out, and cooking. 

Jeremy Palmer (2024-26)
Jeremy is passionate about fostering positive change within our university community and believes that serving on the Staff Senate would provide him with the opportunity to actively contribute to the betterment of our institution. With a commitment to collaboration, communication, and advocating for the needs of both staff and students, he is dedicated to representing our collective interests effectively.

Rutul Patel (2023-25)
In the summer of 2022, Rutul joined Pacific University and currently works as a Senior HelpDesk Supervisor in the UIS Department. He has a great passion for the IT and Health Informatic areas, and enjoys helping others fill in the gaps so they can make the most of technology. Outside of work, he greatly enjoys hiking and reading.

Tatiana Piatanova (2024-26)
Tatiana has been in the exciting field of Instructional Design since 2009. Prior to her career in Instructional Design, she was a jill-of-all-trades (and even helped to build houses in the summer), graphic designer, and educator for over 20 years. At CETCI, she works with faculty and instructional staff across all university programs on the design, development, and management of online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced courses. She provides individual consultations for faculty to aid in instructional design and also develops and delivers workshops and other programming and technologies to support faculty teaching. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring numerous hiking trails with her beastie Opee, running, graphic and web design projects, reading, knitting, and painting (as in art). 

Martha Robertson (2024-26)
Martha Robertson serves as Program Coordinator with the Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute - Area Health Education Center (OHWI-AHEC) under the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects (OSSP), on the Hillsboro campus.  Previously, Martha served as Program Coordinator for seven years, with Western Montana AHEC, in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, on the UM campus. Concurrently, she served as State Director for Montana HOSA.  When not planning programs or sitting on Zooms, Martha enjoys walking, quilting, reading, and counting waves (maybe looking for Bigfoot?) on the Oregon coast.

Keagan Weis (2024-26)
Keagan (she/they) has been a Boxer for almost seven years and has watched it grow alongside their friends and colleagues. They joined the School of Audiology as the Clinical Education Specialist in August 2023 and they are looking forward to making a positive change in their student's lives as future audiologists. They are also looking forward to doing awesome work within the Staff Senate, advocating for all things EDIA and community collaboration. In their down time, they enjoy making art and crafting, reading, and spending time with their cats.

Governance Staff

Maegan Jossy | Executive Assistant to the Provost/Governance
maeganj@pacificu.edu | 503-352-2215