Emergency Response and Operations

Pacific University has released a final draft of the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), to assist the campus community in dealing with both major and minor emergencies or natural disasters. The EOP is available for review on the Business Continuity and Emergency Management (BCEM) website. Faculty staff and students should familiarize themselves with this plan and contact BCEM for additional information.

Other Policies and Procedures

Fire Safety, General Safety and Emergency Response

Additions to the Clery Student Right to Know Act, in 2010, require that universities post their policies and procedures for fire safety in residence halls, as well as General Safety and Emergency Response procedures. These policies are available to download as a PDF—feel free to review the procedures here at Pacific University.

More Emergency Preparedness Information

Contact Us

Officers on duty 24-hours a day. In case of an emergency, call 911 and then contact CPS.

Campus Public Safety
503-352-2230 (Forest Grove) | 503-352-7207 (Hillsboro)