Resources for Respondents

An individual identified as a Respondent is someone who has been accused of violating the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. The Sexual Misconduct policy and processes provide rights to the Respondent throughout the complaint resolution process, and a Respondent may also access University services throughout the complaint resolution process. 

For information regarding the complaint resolution process rights and resources, contact:

Title IX Coordinator
Cherie A. Scricca
Phone:  503-352-2236

Your Rights

When responding to an allegation and participating in the resolution of a complaint, the following rights and expectations apply:

  • Be treated with respect and without prejudice
  • Know what you are being accused of and which policy(s) may apply
  • Receive information and an explanation about University processes for resolving the complaint including your rights during those processes and a timely response to resolve the complaint
  • Choose not to participate in the resolution of a complaint
  • Receive interim supportive measures when participating in the resolution of a complaint
  • Request assistance in being connected with resources
  • Be protected from acts of retaliation that occur as a result of participating in the resolution of a complaint
  • Have an advisor of your choosing accompany you throughout the complaint resolution process including at investigation interviews and during a hearing
  • Have your identity be kept private. Private means that the Title IX Office will not share information regarding the allegations or your identity with anyone except with individuals who are involved in the response and resolution of a complaint or when necessary to implement a supportive measure
  • File a report with the Office for Civil Rights, the Department of Justice, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), or the state Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) if you believe that Pacific University has not responded to or handled the allegations or complaint in accordance with federal or state law or that the University discriminated against you in its resolution of the complaint.

Pacific University Confidential Resources

Telling the following individuals will not result in information being shared with the Title IX Office unless there is a threat of harm to an individual or the community.

Student Counseling Center
24/7 Crisis and Support Line:  503-352-2999
Office Phone: 503-352-2191
Forest Grove Clinic: 2142 College Way
Hillsboro Clinic: 730 SE Oak Street, Ste. D

University Student Health Center
Phone: 503-352-2259
Forest Grove Clinic: 2142 College Way
Hillsboro Clinic: 730 SE Oak Street, Ste. D

Employee Assistance Program

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