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Students in the School of Dental Hygiene Studies seek ways to increase dental care for children in foster care.
Kim Stanton '16 is a public health major who wants to return to a rural community like the one she grew up in and change the future for tomorrow's youth.
Computer science major Alex Shinsel '16 uses her art and computer science skills — with a little biology know-how — to create a video game.
Food chemistry has an appeal to almost everyone, says Breanna Miranda ‘16.
Computer science and music offer the best of both worlds.
Psychology major Patrice Fuller '16 researches the roots and implications of a pop culture phenomenon.
Public health major Sara Davidson '16 seeks to make healthy foods more available, and more useful, to those in need.
An environmental studies: policy, culture and society major, Isabella Barcellona '16 researched the factors that make sustainable, affordable housing possible in the Portland area. "I want to continue with the advocacy," she said.
Dance Slow Decades, a play by Kailea Saplan '15, captures the intersecting lives of two Pacific University women Feb. 11-14 in the Tom Miles Theatre.
Pacific seniors unveil more than 290 presentations, poster sessions, art exhibits and performances on Senior Projects Day 2015.