News, Media and Stories | Winter 2017

Volunteer Illustration
What can you do for the world with just a little time? Find ideas from the Pacific University Center for Civic Engagement.
Alumna and financial advisor Noel Pacarro Brown MAT '05 and College of Business Professor Laura McNally offer tips for managing your money in the short and long term.
A hard-earned lesson opened the door to future success for alumna Kathleen (O'Malley) Celmins '04.
Money Managment illustration
Trustee and attorney Matthew Lowe provides simple guidance to get started creating your will.
DeBois family
Erica DeBois MAT '97 may be a teacher, but even she struggles with the educational choices available for her children. Find advice from alumni and College of Education on choosing a school.
Working in the Sonora Desert water drops.
Bruce '68 and Judy Bishop '68 dedicate down time in retirement to getting active in their community.