Mail Forwarding

All enrolled undergraduate Arts & Sciences students are required to have a UC Box whether they live on or off campus. This is the best method for Pacific University departments to send you important information. You may only file a forwarding request if you meet one of the following options:

Temporary Forward

Temporary mail forwarding can be provided to you upon request. Mail Services will forward your mail until you return to campus. Please remember to sign in at the Customer Service Counter when you return to campus to cancel your forwarding address.

  • Remote Learning
  • Summer
  • Winter Term*
  • Study Abroad
  • Leave of Absence

*Mail Services can only forward your mail if you are gone for both the Winter II term and the holiday break. Mail Services cannot forward mail for only the holiday break.

Permanent Forward

The permanent mail forwarding service is provided for you once you permanently leave the university. Mail Services will forward your mail for 4 months. During this time, it is your responsibility to notify all senders of your new address. Remember to notify your former employers of your new address for W-2 tax forms. At the end of the 4 month period, any mail sent to the university will be returned to sender. Please remember to return your key to Mail Services! Failure to do so will result in a replacement fee.



Please fill out a forwarding request online to request forwarding.

Online Forwarding Request

If you receive an error message, be sure to logout of all non-Pacific google/gmail accounts, close the web browser, and then try to click the link again to login.

Other Forwarding Information

  • All forwarding requests are for UC Box mail only. Be sure to change your address under 'myaccount' for all other University mail.

Forwarding Packages

  • Mail Services will forward packages received through the United States Postal Service (USPS) to you while your forwarding address in active. Any packages received after your forwarding address expires will be returned to sender (permanent forwards).
  • Mail Services cannot forward Federal Express (FedEx) or United Parcel Service (UPS) packages.  If packages arrive from these carriers, they will be returned to sender.
  • Mail Services cannot forward any packages to international destinations.

Speed of Forwarding

  • Mail Services cannot guarantee the speed of forwarded mail. If you are expecting a time sensitive item, contact the sender with your new address and notify Mail Services to make sure your item is forwarded to you as soon as possible.

Forget to turn in your mailbox key?

  • You can mail you key back to Mail Services. Please make sure they key is shipped in a strong tear resistant packaging. You must include tracking. There is a replacement fee charged to your student account for keys that are lost or not returned.
  • Please Mail your key to:

    Pacific University
    Mail Services-Key Return
    2043 College Way
    Forest Grove, OR 97116