Requesting a UIS Project

UIS wants to partner with Pacific community members whenever they embark on using a new technology resource or making significant changes to the way they use current resources, including cloud services and software as a service. This is because we want to make sure people who use systems and services owned or contracted by Pacific have the best experience possible. We also want to ensure that all data housed in such systems or services are protected. So any project request that comes through goes through the following steps.

Request Form

The department wanting to implement a new system or make significant changes to an existing one (like purchasing a new module) needs to complete a UIS Project Request Form. But if you are wanting to add or change audio/visual equipment in any University space, please fill out our specific AV Project Request Form. Once the appropriate form is complete, the UIS management team will assign someone to work directly with the requesting department to clarify or flesh out any information UIS needs to complete its review.

UIS Review

For some requests, this can be a short step. However, some projects may require greater attention to detail— especially when third party vendors are involved, and particularly where privacy requirements (such as HIPAA and FERPA) come into play. UIS tries to move through this step as quickly as possible, while still doing due diligence to make sure that any such project can have the best possible result for everyone affected.

Project Disposition

There are two general factors involved in determining whether or not a project can move forward. One is whether the specific solution is appropriate for the university. The other is whether the required resources will be available to complete the project.

Is the project right for Pacific?

As for the first main factor, UIS has worked with other similar institutions and industry experts to develop rubrics to evaluate systems, services, and processes that help us determine how well they

  • adhere to an adequate security standard to protect users and data;
  • meet privacy standards appropriate for the ways they will be used;
  • are compatible with systems and services already in use by Pacific.

Do we have the resources?

Many projects require some kind of resources to complete, whether those are financial expenditures, or investment of expertise and time. Some of these costs may fall outside those quoted by a third-party vendor for things like purchase price, license fees, and consultation costs on their part. UIS can help identify these sometimes-hidden costs, as well as assess the amount of support needed by UIS personnel to ensure project success, to determine whether and when those resources will be available.

Contract Completion

Once a project has been approved, any contracts need to be evaluated and approved by the Legal Services department. After legal approvals are complete, the contract can be executed, and the project can then move forward to initiation.