An internship is a supervised, purposely educational, and sustained work experience that supports your career development by providing the opportunity for the following:

  • Applied Learning — Apply the academic knowledge you've gained in the classroom to a professional setting
  • Career Exploration — Learn about the qualifications and duties associated with a position or profession while exploring, identifying, and confirming or disconfirming your career interests
  • Skill Development — Gain skills and knowledge required in particular work environments and cultures
  • Personal Development — Engage in decision-making and gain critical thinking skills, increased confidence, and self-esteem about your career goals and the path you will take to achieve them

Though facilitated by your Faculty Internship Advisor, a professional in the employment community, and the Internship Coordinator, you are the primary director of this learning experience, aimed at exploring the intersection of your academic and professional interests.

Why pursue an internship?

  • Explore connections between your major and professions of interest to you
  • Develop the skills and awareness employers and graduate programs require
  • Make professional contacts to ease the transition into your career field or graduate studies
  • Gain a competitive edge for entering a challenging profession
  • Build your résumé and compile a collection of work samples and experiences

Eligibility and Guidelines

  • Must have completed at least one semester of college-level coursework to receive academic credit for an internship
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn, work hard, and reflect the values of Pacific University in the community
  • Junior or Senior standing receive 400-level academic credit
  • Sophomores and second-semester Freshman earn 200-level academic credit
  • The duration is typically full-time or part-time for one semester

Gaining Academic Credit

  • 40 hours of work = 1 semester hour of credit
  • 14 credits = maximum amount in one semester
  • 17 credits = total number of credits that can be counted toward graduation
  • You will register for the internship through the Internship Learning Contract form. 

Steps to Obtaining an Internship

  1. Discuss your goals with your advisor. Develop a list of learning objectives for the experience.
  2. Meet with the Internship Coordinator in Academic & Career Advising to discuss a plan for your search.
  3. Look for internship opportunities by consulting with your Faculty Advisor and the Internship Coordinator to generate ideas. This will include researching organizations and identifying places to apply.
  4. Complete and submit application materials , applications, résumés and cover letters.
  5. Prepare for interviews by seeking assistance from Academic & Career Advising staff.
  6. Interview with interested organizations and secure offers.
  7. Complete the Internship Learning Contract (email Heidi Wright at to request a fillable PDF version) collaboratively with your Faculty Internship Advisor, Site Supervisor, and Internship Coordinator. This will clarify the responsibilities of each party and ensure you receive academic credit. *All learning contracts are due by the drop/add date of each semester.
  8. Once the form is submitted, this will register you for the Internship Credit.  You do not register separately via BoxerOnline. 
  9. Work hard, learn a lot, and enjoy the experience!

Can’t seem to find the right opportunity? Create your own!

Academic & Career Advising strives to provide a wide range of opportunities for students. However, we understand that students have interests that may span beyond the available resources. We encourage students to be creative and think outside the box to find an experience that meets their needs, and we are prepared to support students in locating the best fit possible.

If you are interested in creating your own internship opportunity, contact Heidi Wright at

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