Work-Study through Pacific University

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is awarded to students by the Office of Financial Aid. Students earn the awarded funds by working part-time jobs. Work-Study is a great way to start to explore career opportunities!

Unlike other forms of financial aid, Work-Study is earned and received in the form of bi-weekly paychecks from the University for hours worked in Work-Study jobs. If no work is done, no funds are earned. It does not get applied to tuition or money owed to the college.

If you are a Graduate Student with Work Study, begin talking with an Administrative Assistant or representative from your program now to see which work study jobs might be available or will be available soon.  Networking within your department and asking about upcoming open Work Study positions is usually the best way to find an opening! Students will have opportunities to find and apply for Work Study positions through the Virtual Work & Service Fair on Handshake in September. If you have not yet signed up for a Handshake account please do so at

What is the difference between Work-Study and non-Work-Study jobs?

Not much! The only difference is where the money in your paycheck comes from. Federal Work Study (or, FWS) is part of your financial aid package. You will see more FWS jobs posted because Pacific has a federal work study program. Non-work study jobs (or, NWS) are jobs that are paid from Pacific University departmental budgets instead of part of your federal financial aid package. 

How do I use my Work-Study?

The first step is to apply for a job! Students can find Work-Study jobs readily in almost all departments on campus, and at approved community service partners. You can find job postings at; active jobs will be posted here throughout the school year. One of the greatest sources for finding jobs will be the biannual Work & Service Fairs co-presented by Academic & Career Advising and the Tom McCall Center for Civic Engagement.

What if I have financial aid questions about Work Study?

In order to be considered for Federal Work-Study, the FAFSA must be filed by March 1st each year. If you are wondering how much you can earn via work study, please contact Financial Aid. They will have access to your award amounts and aid package. Each student has a dedicated financial aid counselor who is available to answer questions. 

What do I do after I'm offered a position?

The student employment procedures are all completed online via a tool called Paycom.  Please know that all NEW hires will need to complete information for the Federal W4 & I9 forms.

The federal I9 form requires that you show us an original identification form (no photos or copies accepted).  The most common ID forms accepted are social security card, US birth certificate or US Passport, but see the complete list on the I9 form itself. 

For more details about hiring paperwork and Paycom, please contact Human Resources. If you have Paycom questions please submit your question here and someone will respond to you.

How do I prepare to apply for jobs?

If you would like assistance putting together a competitive application, creating a resume, or help applying for jobs please contact Academic & Career Advising.  We can walk you through the process! Work Study jobs are available all year long, however the community service positions only hire until late October every Fall.

How do I actually apply for jobs?

What does the hiring process look like?

Can I learn more about the rules and my responsibilities in having a Work-Study job?

Yes! Here is the Box link to the 2022-23 Student Employee Guidebook.

Have additional questions?

Here is a link to the frequently asked questions about the Work-Study program.

Paycom questions? Please submit your question here and someone will respond to you.

Check out our Community Service Work-Study Partners websites:

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