Dual Degree BA/MBA Program

Accelerate your career by working towards a dual degree BA/MBA and graduating with two degrees in less than five years.

Pacific University is proud to offer a dual degree BA/MBA program for students who would like to begin their MBA as they complete their undergraduate degree. This combined five-year BA/MBA program helps you:

  • Complete both your undergraduate degree and MBA in as little as four years and eight months.
  • Grow your professional network by forming relationships with MBA students and faculty.
  • Learn advanced business skills and principles in marketing, finance, organizational development, operations and business law.
  • Increase your competitive edge in the job market early in your career. 
  • Earn a higher salary. Studies show that MBA graduates earn more than those without the advanced degree.
  • Continue participating in athletics for a fifth year if you would like to.

Dual Degree BA/MBA Program Structure

The BA/MBA option is open to Pacific University undergraduate students in any major. 

Students may begin MBA courses during the summer before their senior year. Undergraduate students will complete their regular course load in addition to MBA courses. Students take one MBA course at a time, and each course is approximately four weeks in length.

Pacific’s MBA program consists of 12 courses in a part-time format that can be completed in person or online over Zoom. Students may take up to four MBA courses while they complete their undergraduate program, with just eight courses to complete after graduation. The remaining courses can be completed online over Zoom or in-person at the Hillsboro campus.

About the MBA Program

Pacific’s MBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. This accreditation ensures that students gain the right skills from their educational investment.

Class time, whether in person or over Zoom, is dynamic and interactive, with instruction, group work and presentations, and time to connect with professors. Students learn from College of Business faculty who are committed to bringing our students a combination of real-world experience and cutting-edge scholarship.

How to Apply for the Dual Degree BA/MBA

  1. Schedule an informational meeting with MBA Admissions Counselor Alessandra Govi.
  2. To enroll, sign the dual degree BA/MBA form of intent.
  3. Complete a program orientation before the first class with the MBA program leader.
  4. Enroll in a three-credit MBA course each semester. Upon approval, students will be advised on which class to enroll during the summer, fall, winter and spring semesters. 
  5. Apply to the MBA program as an incoming student to be officially accepted into the program.

Applications to the dual degree BA/MBA are accepted on a rolling basis.