The Value of a Pacific Education

Can you afford Pacific University? It may be more realistic than you think.

Financial Aid

At Pacific, your good grades in high school can earn you up to earn up to $27,000 a year in merit scholarships.

At Pacific University most undergraduates receive financial assistance toward their tuition. Financial assistance may include merit scholarships based on your academic performance, awards based on participation in co-curricular activities, need-based grants based on your family income, employment opportunities, and federal loans.

Pacific University awards $40 million a year in institutional scholarships to undergraduates.

We know that student debt is a concern for many families and we take that concern seriously. We also know that the world of college financing can be confusing and overwhelming. As a small university, committed to each individual student, we work one-on-one with every family to ensure that your student – our student – has every possible advantage.

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Student Success and Earning Potential

Nationally, a worker with a bachelor’s degree earns more than $1 million more in a lifetime than does a worker with only a high school diploma.

Your Pacific education is an investment in your future. And it doesn’t take a lifetime for that investment to start paying off. The National Center for Education Statistics determined that education equals earnings, even early in a career. Young workers (ages 25 to 34) already see a substantial boost in earnings over those without a bachelor’s degree.

At Pacific, students are learning to develop and apply the skills that will pay off in the workforce. Critical thinking, problem solving, and clear communication skills are intentionally built into our curriculum so that our students graduate with the skills and abilities that are most in-demand in 21st century careers.

What’s more, our close-knit campus environment teaches the interpersonal, “soft skills” and resiliency that are linked most closely to future success and happiness.

The career landscape is constantly shifting and Pacific graduates are ready, adaptable and ambitious.

How do we ensure that every student is ready for the future? We start early – every undergraduate is assigned a career advisor as well as an academic advisor by the very first day of class.

Only 3% of graduating seniors report not having a specific plan for employment or graduate school upon graduation from Pacific.

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Network of Alumni

When you join Pacific, you join a very large family. Pacific has an alumni network of over 31,000 Boxers and Badgers.

Our alumni network is spread across the United States and abroad and is actively engaged in supporting each new generation of Pacific graduates.

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