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cover of Fall 2023 issue of Pacific MagazineOlaus Murie 1912: Conservation Legend
Sixty years after his death, Olaus Murie, a 1912 graduate of Pacific University, is still revered as a pioneer in conservation.

Josh Higa '19: Champion For Endangered Birds Of Hawai'i
In his role as a biological wildlife technician at Hawai'i's Haleakalā National Park, Josh Higa '19 is helping to preserve populations of two of the islands' iconic and endangered birds.

Kelsey Graczyk '19: A Visual Storyteller For The National Parks
Kelsey Graczyk '19 long dreamed of working for the National Park Service. Now she helps tell the story of the parks as a visual communications specialist.

AK Freeland MFA '20: Poet On The Run
A love of running has taken AK Freeland MFA '20 around the world, providing incredible experiences and subject matter for her creative outlets.

Pacific's Uberman: Rob DeCou '05 Competes For A Purpose
Rob DeCou likes pushing his body to the limits and uses his participation in endurance sports to raise money for a number of humanitarian causes.

Gordon Haller '72: The Inaugural Ironman
The world's most famous triathlon is the Ironman World Championship in Hawai'i. The event's first champion, Gordon Haller '72, emerged first of a small field that competed in the inaugural event.

Vámonos Outside: Introducing Bend's Latinx Community To The Outdoors
Through his work with the Deschutes County non-profit, Vamanos Outside, Wesley Heredia '15 works to open the outdoors up to the area's growing Laxinx population.

Punneh Abdolhosseini '14: Redefining Connection To The Outdoors
Through her work with Metro, the Portland area's regional government, Punneh Abdolhosseini '14 works to redefine modern definitions of connecting to the land.

Without Limits: Brad Bafaro '80 MAT '86 Opens The Outdoors To Those With Disabilities
Through Adventures Without Limits, which he founded in 1995, Brad Bafaro '80 MAT '86 provides avenues for those with physical and mental disabilities to experience the outdoors.

Fall 2023 | Vol. 56 No. 2
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