Anthropology | Academic Advising Handbook

What is Anthropology?

Cultural Anthropology is a vital part of a liberal arts education. In addition to its cross-cultural and international emphasis, the major in anthropology stresses qualitative research methods and analytical skills. These skills are particularly valuable to students who major in many of the social sciences or health professions, world languages, and in business. Anthropology is useful in any career in which skills in diversity, research, and writing are necessary. Students majoring in other departments can use these courses to enhance their major field of study.

Discussions of diversity, equity, and justice are integrated throughout the major. Students will begin the major with an IDP core designated course (ANTH 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology), setting the stage for this orientation to be used throughout the major. Students are also provided with opportunities to explore issues of race, class, and gender (cultural explorations courses), which are reinforced through the electives. 

The major curriculum draws from different disciplines to provide students with an interdisciplinary and liberal arts understanding of the social structures, culture, and social interaction. The major includes courses sociology, history, philosophy, world languages, and art history.  

The fundamental aims of the major are to provide students with critical skills for professional employment and graduate instruction in which diversity and cross-cultural understanding are essential.

Programs Related to Anthropology

Anthropology is housed in the Sociology, Anthropology, CJLS Department. The department offers the following:

* Students who major in Cultural Anthropology cannot double major in Sociology. 

Culture Emphasis and Study Abroad

Students who wish to study abroad should select the study abroad track.

Required Four Year Schedule

ANTH 302 must be taken junior year. Students will take ANTH 402 and 412 during senior year. Please refer to the catalog for the requirements in the Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology with Study Abroad, and Anthropology minor.