ACE Board

ACE Board is the student organization funded by Student Senate with primary responsibility for large-scale activities like live concerts, touring performers and entertainers, open mic nights, special events, and cultural entertainment. ACE Board also manages sound, lighting, and other technical services and equipment to produce these events and sponsor and guide other student groups in the production of similar events. ACE Board meets weekly and any student is welcome to attend and contribute their ideas to make these activities happen. Meetings for 2020 fall semester occur weekly on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. and have been moved to Zoom due to COVID-19. You may contact us at for participation information. If you would like to contact a specific member, their information is provided below.


Julian Bunch | 

Production Chair

William Best |

Cultural Event Chair

Shun Wetlesen |

Marketing Chair

Rylee Skidmore |

Boxer Radio Chair

Quint Iverson | 

Open Mic Night Chair

Lily Mcllvenna |


Pete Erschen |

For more information on dates and times of events follow @ace_board on Instagram or @ACEboard on Facebook. Event sign-ups can be found at