Embark on a transformative journey with the Pacific Computer Science Program! Be a trailblazer in shaping the future of technology and cybersecurity.

Our comprehensive curriculum ensures you'll not only learn to build your own mobile apps as well as web applications using full stack development techniques but also explore the critical realm of cybersecurity, safeguarding digital assets and privacy. You will study a diverse array of programming languages at Pacific. Your courses will start with the fundamentals of programming in C and C++, utilize JavaScript and PHP for web development, build mobile apps in Java, and perform data analysis in Python.

Build the Future

3D printerImmerse yourself in the realm where technology meets creativity, producing innovative solutions that redefine boundaries.  Study Human Computer Interaction and learn how to build a powerful user experience (UX) for your web or mobile app.  Dive into the cutting-edge fields of Machine Learning and Data Mining to solve problems with big data.  For your senior capstone, you can choose to apply your computer science knowledge to fields as diverse as chemistrymusic, and game development.

Fuel your imagination at the Boxer Makerspace, a hub for innovation and invention, and bring your ideas to life using our state-of-the-art 3D printers in the Computer Science Lab. 

Build Your Community
WICS bench

In our program, you will be immersing yourself in a supportive ecosystem that nurtures personal and professional growth. With an average class size of 24 students, you will have plenty of opportunities for close collaborations with professors and peers. Need a little help with your code? Stop by your professor’s office to chat about it. Need a little more help in the evening?  Introductory courses have upper-level Computer Science majors available as tutors.

Join the Women in Computer Science Club to engage in game nights, interactive resume building workshops, and exciting outings, fostering both camaraderie and skill development. 

Elevate your problem-solving prowess by participating in the International Collegiate Programming Contest, the National Cyber League competition, or Kryptos with a team of Pacific students. 

Gain insights into your future by connecting with accomplished alumni through engaging Alumni Panels, where you'll discover how the skills honed at Pacific transcend academia and empower you for a successful career path beyond graduation.  

Build Your Career

Enhance your journey through internships at renowned companies such as Intel, Amazon, and Nike, allowing you to bridge theory with real-world application and network with industry leaders. 

Build your resume by applying for jobs on campus! You might choose to apply to be a software developer and gain hands-on experience collaborating with visionary business leaders and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Consider applying to become a Computer Science tutor or provide campus tech support with a position at UIS

With our program, you are crafting your future in a multitude of industries, armed with expertise, experience, and an unyielding drive for innovation.


Logan Switzer '25 On The Pacific University Campus

Logan Switzer '25 will spend Summer 2024 in Switzerland as one of 15 undergraduates from the U.S. selected for an internship at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Pacific University Mathematics Professor Nancy Neudauer

Professor Nancy Neudauer will be connecting women in mathematics while researching matroid theory as part of a 2023-2024 Fulbright Global Scholar Award. The project supports her dream of bringing matroids to a wider audience in collaboration with researchers in South Africa and New Zealand.

Emily Kresin '24 Discusses Her Poster Presentation At The Murdock Conference

Pacific students participated in the Murdock College Science Research Conference, which provides students in the Northwest the opportunity to present research on topics across an entire spectrum of scientific subjects. This year's conference was co-hosted by Pacific University.