Criminal Justice, Law & Society

The criminal justice, law and society major and minor at Pacific University offer students an interdisciplinary exploration of the complex issues of crime, justice and social policy. The program explores the theory and philosophy of law and justice in the United States and teaches students to address the challenges of pursuing justice in a complicated and quickly changing social environment. Students who complete this program may go on to law school or to pursue careers in social policy, criminal justice, law enforcement, juvenile justice, corrections, law, federal and state agencies, and international organizations.


  • Explore an interdisciplinary core of courses in the social sciences and humanities, criminology, and criminal justice in the United States
  • Work in a practicum placement site to gain real-world experience in the field
  • Complete a senior capstone project to demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained throughout the course of the program


Students study an interdisciplinary set of topics, including criminal justice, philosophy of the law, conflict mediation, civil liberties, and constitutional law. In addition, students select from a variety of skills courses, such as outdoor leadership, communication design, and speaking, and diversity courses, such as the civil rights movement, gender and sexuality studies, and race in modern America.


Criminal Justice, Law and Society (pdf)

Professional Practicum Coordinator
Visiting Assistant Professor