Computer Science

Named a Forbes “most valuable major,” computer science is tied into almost every area of our daily lives. Computer science students at Pacific learn the newest technologies from knowledgeable faculty through interactive learning environments, engaging lectures and challenging projects. To prepare students for successful careers, the curriculum exposes them to a variety of industry standard software tools and practices.

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  • Study a curriculum that follows Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) guidelines and includes both object-oriented programming and procedural programming paradigms. Languages used throughout the four years of study include C++, C, Java, Python, and PHP.
  • Conduct a year-long senior capstone, researching and developing a major project in your field of interest. Recent projects have included smart phone development using Google’s Android platform and the iPhone’s iOS.
  • Enjoy a state-of-the-art lab facility, including dual-monitor computers for serious software development.
  • Gain experience with industry standard software development tools and methods including Scrum (sprint, user stories, backlog), Agile Development, Teams, Peer Review, and User Centered Development.
  • Intern with local companies such as Intel, McAfee, WebMD, HP, and Nike.


A course in software development for smartphones and tablets, with an emphasis on Google’s Android ™ platform, is one of many classes offered. Furthermore, students will have opportunities to use what they learn in the real world through internships and other work related opportunities with local companies such as Intel, McAfee, WebMD, and Nike in the nearby Silicon Forest. Internships aren’t required but are a great way to strengthen technology skills and build a strong resume.


Pacific’s computer science students enter graduate programs, as well as accept positions in a variety of professional settings. Many students choose to extend their learning through internships at government research labs or technology companies. You will find our graduates working at leading companies like Google, Microsoft and WebMD, starting their own companies, developing mobile applications and consulting.

Mathematics & Computer Science Department

The computer science program is part of a department that also offers a major and minor in mathematics.