Don’t just make it pretty, make it effective. Create with purpose in graphic design.

The Media Arts Department houses the graphic design program, and is a tight knit community that encourages students to grow and learn from one another. Supportive and challenging, the faculty know students by name, and our small classes emphasize creativity, collaboration, and professional practices that will serve you far beyond graduation. Pacific University’s close proximity to Portland, Ore., allows students to connect with local graphic design organizations and communities while building their skills in school.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design students harness the power of visual communication to design publications, logos and brand systems, websites, apps, information graphics, and more. The major includes a core set of required courses and a robust collection of electives to help students develop professional skills and build a portfolio of work using industry standard tools and methodologies. Students gain the personal satisfaction of making beautiful and functional work as well as the lasting fulfillment of creating work that matters.

Graphic Design Courses

The graphic design major is structured so that students build a strong foundation while developing skills in the areas of the field that interest them most. Students often pair a graphic design major or minor with studies in business administration, computer science, film & video, multimedia, art & design, communications, or editing & publishing. Graduates step into careers including graphic designers, web designers, multimedia specialists, creative directors, in agency, in-house, or freelance capacities.