PhD Vision Science Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Defense

The final examination for the degree is a defense of the research in front of the dissertation committee and the public and its write-up report. The PhD candidate must present the results of an original research study and give evidence of excellent scholarship and proficiency in critically relevant research techniques.

When applying for dissertation defense, a PhD candidate must submit 1). a request form four weeks prior defense date to the VSC program coordinator, 2). a complete draft of his/her dissertation to the Doctoral Dissertation Committee two weeks prior to the exam, and 3) must indicate how the research proficiency of their research topics has been fulfilled. This can be shown as completion of VSC 862 with a satisfactory grade and, when applicable, mastery of other relevant research skills (e.g., computer programming skills, advanced statistical methods, neuroimaging techniques, etc.). The candidate’s dissertation committee will evaluate the candidate’s research proficiency as part of the dissertation defense.


Degree Conferral 

<Please check the conferral dates listed on the Registrar Office website.> 

A graduation check should be completed the semester before you intend to graduate or at the beginning of the graduating semester at the latest. Students who wish to receive the degree at the spring commencement must submit an application for graduation on Boxer Online no later than Jan. 15.

All degree requirements must be completed prior to the intended graduation day, including submitting the final approved dissertation to the library per the formal requirements.  The candidates should notify the Director of the VSG Program after receiving the dissertation deposit receipt from the Pacific University Libraries. Failure to do so may result in a delay in graduation.