PhD Vision Science Comprehensive Knowledge Exam

PhD students must pass the Comprehensive Knowledge Examination (in written and oral forms) to ascertain the breadth of their comprehension of fundamental knowledge in vision science. After completing all Advanced Seminars in VSC 811, 821, 831 (or 833 and 834), and 841, the student may request to take the exam. The VSG Committee appoints the student’s Comprehensive Knowledge Exam Committee, which shall comprise all instructors in the Advanced Seminar courses. The committee is tasked with designing the exam for the student and shall be configured to assure eventual student expertise in the following areas of vision science:

  • Vision and Optics
  • Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
  • Eye Diseases and Public Health
  • Oculomotor Functions and Visual Performance

The Comprehensive Knowledge Examination includes a written exam and an oral exam. The written exam is conducted first, and the oral examination shall be administered within four weeks after the written exam. During the oral examination, the Comprehensive Knowledge Committee will test the student’s knowledge of the topical areas.