Degree Requirements | PhD in Vision Science

To receive the Ph.D. in Vision Science from the Pacific University College of Optometry, the student must complete the following requirements:

  1. Fulfill course requirements with satisfactory performance: The minimum credit requirements vary based on students' backgrounds. Additional coursework may be deemed necessary by the VSG Committee and the student's advisor. 
  2. Submit an early research report (e.g., a publicly defended Master's Thesis, a peer-reviewed research articleor equivalent)ab
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in research skills as evidenced by passing the Laboratory Study course.
  4. Pass the written and oral comprehensive knowledge examination in four topical areas of vision science.
  5. Pass the Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal Exam. Present the dissertation proposal for the Ph.D. Qualification Exam, obtain approval from the dissertation advisor and the research committee before data collection. 
  6. Successfully present and defend the Ph.D. Dissertation Project in public, and deposit it to Pacific University Library CommonKnowledge.

While an MS degree is not required to earn a Ph.D. degree, Ph.D. students must meet all course requirements for the MS degree, including all coursework and an MS-level thesis or a peer-reviewed research paper.

The early research requirement must be met before a Ph.D. student applies for the qualification examination. A previously defended and accepted MS thesis or a manuscript accepted by a peer-reviewed journal meets this criterion.

c Ph.D. students must demonstrate proficiency in research skills beyond the required courses. Examples include but are not limited to computer programming, advanced statistical methods, neuroimaging techniques, or other vision-science-related research skills. The research proficiency must be approved by the student's advisor and their dissertation committee.