Information for Faculty & Staff | Student Health Center

Who is eligible for Student Health Center (SHC) services?

All students enrolled in one or more credits, regardless of what insurance coverage they have chosen are eligible for SHC services. Employees and family members are not eligible for services. Services are bridged during summer and winter breaks for returning students.

What services are provided at the Student Health Center?

The SHC provides treatment of acute illness (i.e., respiratory illness, urinary tract infections, skin infections, acne, allergies, sprains), stable chronic illness (i.e., headache/migraine management, asthma, anxiety, depression, hypertension), sexual health services, sport and general physicals, immunizations and health promotion (sleep, nutrition, smoking cessation). For more information see the services page.

What services are not available at the Student Health Center?

The SHC does not have on-site X-ray but can order X-rays to be performed at a local hospital. If injury is an obvious break, patient should proceed directly to an emergency room for imaging and treatment. The SHC does not suture, provide treatment for learning disabilities, provide IV fluids or have full laboratory services. 

How can a student be seen at the Student Health Center?

All services are by appointment (503) 352-2269. The SHC does not have "walk in" hours but same day appointments are reserved for urgent needs. Ill students should not be walked over to the SHC but should be instructed to call for an appointment.  In most instances we are able to accommodate urgent needs same day or within 1-2 days. If student is too ill to wait for an open appointment, student should go immediately to an urgent care walk in clinic.

Can providers write prescriptions and is there a pharmacy in the SHC?

SHC licensed Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistant write prescriptions when appropriate. The SHC has some medications on site, which can be dispensed by an SHC provider to established patients. Other prescriptions written can be filled at area pharmacies within the State of Oregon. The SHC is not a pharmacy and cannot fill prescriptions written by outside providers.

Does the SHC provide students with written excuses for absence from class due to illness?

The SHC does not routinely provide excuses for students who miss class due to illness or injury. If a student is under our care for an extended illness, the SHC will provide supporting documentation as needed (with a signed consent from student). Students who need to miss class due to illness/injury are encouraged to notify their faculty. It is the purview of the faculty to determine when or if a student will be excused from class.This is consistent with our commitment to maintain confidentiality, encourage more appropriate use of the health care resources, and support meaningful dialogue between professor and student. It is important for student to learn self-management of colds, flu and other minor illnesses, many of which do not required medical attention. Legitimate reasons to stay home with a viral illness include decreasing viral exposure to others in the university community and recuperation. When a student is uncertain whether they should stay home or if they need assistance with self care questions, they may call the SHC for an appointment or advice.

Can I call the Student Health Center about a student I am concerned about?

Faculty and staff may call and talk to the Director or a provider about a student concern. SHC staff cannot respond with specifics about a student's health record however we can offer general advice about our approach to diagnosis and treatment. Information shared by faculty/staff will not become part of the student's medical record. Contact between the SHC and the student must be initiated by the student. The SHC does not initiate wellness calls to student on behalf of concerned staff or faculty. In a case where faculty or staff feels a wellness check is needed, they should contact the Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences, the Associate Dean of Health Profession Campus, the Associate VP of Student Affairs/Dean of Students or the Director of Graduate Student Services.

What should I do if a student becomes ill or is injured in my classroom?

  1. In a serious medical emergency (e.g., possible concussion, seizure, disorientation, obvious broken limb, deep cut needing stitches, extensive burns), call 911. Do not move the injured student unless more harm will be incurred by keeping them stationary (e.g., fire, falling debris, etc).
  2. If uncertain as to whether injury is an emergency, call 911 for assessment and possible transport. There are no charges to the student unless they are transported to a medical facility. EMTs will assess the student and make a recommendation for treatment/care.
  3. Also notify Campus Public Safety (Forest Grove 503-352-2230 and in Hillsboro: 503-352-7207).
  4. If the injury is not severe but medical attention is needed, student may contact the SHC with questions and availability of services/appointments, or proceed to the nearest urgent care center. The SHC does not provide medical care outside of the clinic. If student's injury or illness is severe enough that they need immediate assistance, student should go directly to an urgent care center or emergency room.