Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Pacific University Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion helps to advance the university’s goal of achieving diversity in enrollment and in the composition of faculty and staff. Pacific seeks to be visible to all communities, actively practicing, honoring and celebrating diversity, fostering mutually beneficial community partnerships and collaborations.

Pacific has adopted the American Association of College of Universities diversity initiative, including:


Vision, commitment and leadership are essential for systemic change in higher education. To achieve this strategic goal, the board and administration are committed to increasing diversity at Pacific University. We envision our university becoming a more welcoming, supportive and responsive organization as institutional change occurs.

Student Development

Academic programs and student services will be designed to be responsive to the cognitive and social development of culturally diverse students, and to empower underrepresented minority and female students.

Faculty and Staff Development

The university will provide resources for faculty and staff development related to diversity, and an accurate assessment and feedback tool must be used to regularly measure progress. We must commit ourselves to recruiting a diverse faculty and staff, and welcome and support their contributions to our multicultural community.

Curriculum Development

Embracing multiculturalism means altering the knowledge base of the academy. The curriculum will reflect the knowledge and issues relevant to national and international diversity. In addition, we will ensure that the understanding of these issues is helped through cocurricular and extracurricular activities and that Pacific students have the opportunity to function successfully in multicultural environments. 

University-Community Relations

Because of the interconnectedness of diversity issues on campus and in society, we will involve our local communities in developing innovative partnerships and learning opportunities. We will provide Pacific students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiential learning and research projects in local and global communities where they can cultivate the practical skills — listening, empathy, fairness, dialogue and conflict resolution — essential in an increasingly diverse world.