Policies Overview

Pacific University policies serve as guides for faculty and staff members of Pacific University. The purpose of these policies and procedures is to assist employees in knowing the general guidelines of what is expected of them. View All Policies for the entire policy repository.

Currently Highlighted Policies and Legal Mandates

Faculty & Staff Graduate Tuition Assistance Policy (pdf)

Staff Handbook

Revisions to Staff Handbook Detailed Summary

Revisions to Staff Handbook Detailed Summary (Spanish)

University Faculty and Governance Handbook

Mandatory Reporting (pdf)

Code of Conduct & Confidentiality of Records Agreement (pdf)

Code of Conduct | Spanish (pdf)

Sexual Harassment, Conflict of Interest, & Drug/Alcohol Policy (pdf)

Smoke-free Workplace Policy

Notice Of Privacy Practices (pdf)

Institutional Policies & Benefits: Applies to all employees of Pacific University

Additional Policies

Death in the Pacific University Family Communications Protocols (pdf)


These policy handbooks supersede all previous publications issued by the university; as well as any express or implied representations previously made by persons employed by the university. These policies and procedures are necessarily general and may change as the university changes.

The contents do not contain the complete terms or conditions of any of the university’s current benefits plans: it is intended to provide general explanations. In all cases, the plan document and contract will be the final determinant of the benefits provided.

This is not intended to nor should it be construed to create any contractual obligations. Pacific University reserves the right to delete or modify these policies and procedures at any time and without notice.