Student Employment

Academic and Career Advising and Human Resources work together to help facilitate work experiences that support students on their journeys to think, care, create, and pursue justice in our world. 

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2023 - 2024 Student Employee Guidebook

Student Employment Quick Overview

Steps to Employment 

Flowchart of Responsibilities

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Post a job 
  2. Review candidates
  3. Make an offer or Reject candidate
  4. Hire a student
  • New Student Hiring Form - for students who have never worked at Pacific in any capacity before
  • Returning Student Hire Form - for students returning to a position or starting a new position who have worked at Pacific in the past (are already in PayCom)
  • Note: Once the form has been filled out, HR receives the information and will start the hiring process in PayCom. Once done, the student will get an email notification to go complete the checklist which includes the I-9 verification. Students cannot be hired into PayCom unless they are recorded in one of the forms above. If you have any questions, please reach out to Kelsey Delanoy at  

 5. Complete I-9 

  • Copies of the I-9 documents must be uploaded into Paycom via the Upload File button on the Employer portion of the verification process.
  • If your student is a returner and had their I-9 completed the year prior, they do not need to complete again. 

 6. Once the checklist is completed, if student will need to clock in and out,   please email and request timecard to be activated.

 7. Approve timecards - PayCom Guide

Request to join or be removed from the Google Group of Student Supervisors. This group will be used for communications related to supervision of student workers.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Apply for a job 
  2. Accept a job
  3. Prepare for your first day 
  4. Clock in and clock out
  5. End employment

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