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Students who provide screenings and other eye services from the EyeVan mobile clinic have been named Everyday Heroes by KATU News.
Optometry alumni, students and faculty received many honors at the American Optometric Association's annual meeting in Seattle.  From leadership roles in the association to honors for distinguished optometric careers to being recognized by colleagues in their specialties, we are proud of their accomplishments and their well-deserved recognition.
Becky Humphrey smiling
The Humphreys put the ‘family’ in Family Eye Care
Dr. Bleything is a former College of Optometry dean and professor and also served as the university provost.
The Optometry Class of 2017 celebrated a milestone and rite of passage on Friday, May 1, when they participated in the White Coat Ceremony.
Optometry Class of 2016 awards presented at annual awards luncheon on April 29.  
A 29-year career culminating in the Office of the Surgeon General started with optometry school at Pacific. “Pacific was, and still is, a small school where, instead of being a number, you can become an individual," said Col. John Pyle OD '64. "I had a really good time there.”
Named in honor of the late Dr. Massih, the award recognizes a Pacific graduate who has served the optometric profession with distinction.
J.P. Lowery and Hannu Laukkanen volunteered optometric services for a week at the Good Family Home Orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine.
An expert in vision therapy, David Cook OD ’78  explores the world of “seeing” in a new novel, The Anatomy of Blindness.