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Joel and Alisa were already dating before they came to Pacific University but they share their me
Phillip and Janette met at Pacific University and are now married with children.
Herbert shares how he met his wife Kristina at the bookstore. He was working, wearing a badge that said, “Let me help you.” So he walked up to Kristina and said, “See this badge? Let me help you!” They were married his senior year.
Mike was a junior at Pacific University and a teacher's assistant for the math department.
Caleb and Kasey met the day before school started freshman year at Pacific, during the Fall of 20
Norman remembers going to the Wassail Party in Old College Hall with an older woman.
Steven and Emma met during freshman orientation week on the debate team and also had a Japanese c
Bob Casteel '54 and Barbara (Pelton) Casteel '56 shared 67 years of marriage after meeting through Pacific's speech program.
Aaron and Jo met through a mutual friend at the 1993 Mash Bash Dance.