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College academics are challenging for a variety of reasons for many students at various times throughout their time at Pacific. The academic coaching team at Pacific aims to acknowledge educational systems do not always center our humanity, and challenge the notion that academic performance defines our worth. No matter where you are in your academic journey, you are enough. The following resources are available to support your academic experience. You are also welcome to make an academic coaching appointment to dive deeper into these resources and more. 

Active Learning Strategies

Motivation & Procrastination

Test Taking

Time & Workload Management

Additional Student Support

Academic performance is often impacted by other challenges many students experience. The following resources and offices at Pacific can support you as well:

Faculty Resources 

Faculty members at Pacific who have an academic-related concern about students in their current classes should submit an Academic Early Alert. If you have concerns about a student that may go beyond their academic performance, or your academic concern is after the deadline to withdraw from courses, please tell us by submitting a Care Referral Form to the Student Support Office. 

When an academic early alert is submitted, the academic coaching team will coordinate strategic outreach and support to students in collaboration with the academic outreach team. The academic coaching team will reach out to students directly and can be contacted at with any questions regarding an academic early alert. 

The academic early alert process is facilitated by Lea Griess, academic success coordinator in Academic and Career Advising. You may also reach out to her directly with any questions at

Academic Outreach Team 

The academic outreach team (AOT) is a group of Pacific University staff and faculty that help students get connected to the resources that may benefit them the most. The AOT includes a variety of staff and faculty across campus. 

AOT Member Office or Program at Pacific
Lea Griess Academic Success Coordinator, AOT Lead
Contact: and
Kata Autobee Academic Success Specialist, Academic and Career Advising
Andra Dennis Campus Living
Antonio Peña Anaya Latine Outreach and Programming
Denise Giesbers Transfer and Veteran Student Services
Graham Turner Student Counseling Center
Griffin Shaulis Financial Aid Counselor & Outreach Coordinator
Heidi Wright Academic and Career Advising
Mike Shingle Academic and Career Advising
Joan Conte  Office of Access and Accomodation
Josie Ragolia Center for Learning and Student Success, CLASS
Justin Li Office of Student Support, Undergraduate Care Team Lead
Katelyn Eisenhooth International Programs
Lauren Brownrigg Boxer Athletics
Janalei Chun Hawaiʻi Outreach and Programming
Jaye Cee Whitehead College of Arts and Sciences
Juliette Stoering Institutional Research Analyst
Pierre V. Morton Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility
Rebecca Concepcion School of Natural Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
Stephanie Stokamer Applied & Experiential Learning, College of Arts and Sciences
Tori Henning Office of Student Support
Victoria Bartunek Office of Access and Accomodation


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