Tualatin Academy Scholarship @ Pacific University

Pacific University’s Tualatin Academy Scholarship allows five talented local junior or senior high school students to earn college credit for completing an advanced Spanish class, SPAN 300, Latinos: New Frontiers A/B, at Forest Grove High School.

When Should I Apply?

We invite Forest Grove High School students who are taking Spanish 300 at FGHS to begin by speaking to their high school counselor. Students must complete an application to be considered. Applications will open in May and will be accepted until mid-August. Fall semester begins in late August.

How to Apply

Step One | Complete the Tualatin Academy Student Application*, which requires parent/guardian support, insurance waiver, and high school counselor approval.

*This application form will be available in Summer 2024

Step Two | Obtain a copy of your high school transcript, AP score (downloadable from collegeboard.com), and begin writing the short essay prompt required as part of the application.

Step Three | Follow the directions on the form on how to submit the completed application*, essay question, high school transcript, and AP scores.

*Application will be due in mid-August by the date listed on the application

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
Students who are taking Spanish 300 at FGHS. Please talk with your counselor to see if you would qualify for this scholarship to earn college credit.

What is the college credit?
Students who receive this scholarship will receive up to 8 semester credits of Upper Division Spanish, which will count at Pacific University towards any degree program and is a great head start on a Spanish major or minor. The credit will establish a college transcript for you at Pacific University. 

Why the name Tualatin Academy?
Tualatin Academy was a secondary school established in 1848 and operated as a sister institution to Pacific University until 1915. You may read more about the history of Pacific University as well as more about Mary Frances Farnham who was an important person in the connection of Tualatin Academy and Pacific University.

Contact Us

Mike Geraci | School Director, Arts & Humanities