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Activities/Travel to be determined based on CDC, OHA, and University Policy. At this time this type of travel is not allowed per our University travel guidelines but a reasonable replacement will be identified that can be completed locally or virtually.

Tours | College of Business

The College of Business at Pacific University knows that our students’ learning is richer and more profound when they have a chance to see the theories they are learning about in the classroom applied in a real-world setting, with real people and real constraints.

Corporate Landscape Tours

Our Corporate Landscape Tour is part of our effort to make sure that our students gain both theory and practice when it comes to business skills. On tour, students and their faculty visit with executives, get to ask questions about the business and the executives’ experiences and get to tour the business operation. This provides an essential networking opportunity for our students.

Multnomah, Washington, and Clark counties are growing quickly and offer a wealth of opportunities to connect with a wide variety of companies from small start-ups to well-established multi-national corporations. Some of our recent tour destinations included Chaucer, Golden Valley Brewery, Elk Cove Vineyards, Nike, and Columbia Sportswear, and our partners are growing every day.

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International Travel Experience

Gain global experience first-hand through dynamic, location-based learning. You will visit universities, nature reserves, local businesses, manufacturing facilities, and more with your cohort and Pacific faculty members during the week-long excursion outside of the US. Recent Tours have taken students to London and Germany.

London International Experience  Germany Experience

Enquire today or contact our Director of Admissions for an informational interview